Class Information

Fall Classes are now in session.


Fairy Tale Ballet (3-5 yrs): An introduction to ballet for 3 years through 5 years old. Students learn creative stretches, basic barre work and  dances to fairytale favorites. Props and costumes are also used.
 Ballet 1 (5-7 yrs): The class begins with stretches followed by barre and center work. Students learn a wide array of exercises and the basic fundamentals of ballet in a fun and positive atmosphere.
 Ballet 2 (8yrs and up): A beginning level ballet class for eight years and up. Students work on strengthening turn-out and proper placement at barre and in center.
 Ballet 3 (9yrs and up):Requires two ballet classes per week. Students 9 years of age and up, and who are interested in taking pointe, must take two classes per week.  This is a continuation from  Ballet I.
 Ballet 4 (11yrs and up): 
*Need teachers approval for entry to class. Ballet III must take two technique classes per week in order to take pointe.
Pointe (12yrs and up)
Beginning through advanced pointe work. Students do barre, center work and learn professional variations.
 Lyrical (9yrs and up)
Contemporary, classical and Jazz music is used in lyrical.  Center barre and across the floor.
 Adult Ballet (15yrs and up)
A beginning/intermediate ballet class focusing on barre work for adults.
Dress code: All students are required to wear any color leotard, pink tights and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. Small dance shorts are okay for Ballet I, II and III. Hair must be secured in a ponytail or bun and away from the face. Leg warmers, ballet skirts and ballet cropped sweaters can be worn as well.
Make-Up Policy:
We have a very flexible make-up policy. If a student misses a class, she/he can make it up in another class in that age group and has 2 weeks to do so. Please let the instructor know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. (925) 223-7722
Private lessons:
Questions? Email us at or through our contact page.